Simple, email-first, no login required team training

Overcomplicated learning management systems and educational tools are plentiful. Groundwork isn't one of them. Set up a simple training course across multiple lessons where content is delivered via email and includes interactive elements. As the manager you can track who and when your team has done their training.

Email First

No logins required

Your teammates complete their course like they might read an email newsletter. Course content is delivered via email, and certain links are smart links that deliver them directly to their video or other content without the need to login.

Groundwork1 Employee Training Screenshot

Easy Monitoring

Track team learning progress

You as the administrator can log into the system to manage your team, enroll them in new courses, and monitor their completion progress on an individual or company wide perspective.

Course Designer

Drag and drop simple modules to customize your course exactly the way you need it.

Automatic Reminders

Stop being the bad guy. Let the system automatically follow up on uncompleted training.

Video Built In

Present your training video content in a more professional branded way with our landing pages.

Training Matrix

Get a high level overview of who has been enrolled in which trainings and who has completed them.

Secure Documents

Upload your documents knowing they are securely stored and be able to know if your team has downloaded them.

Checklists & Signatures

Ask your team to verify they have completed a training by checking a box or signing that they have completed the training.

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Judith Black

CEO at PureInsights

Pricing Plans

Start designing your training plan for free, then add a paid plan to unlock additional features and go live.

Small Team

For teams up to 25 people

$49 /mo

Medium Team

For teams up to 100 people

$179 /mo

Large Team

For teams up to 200 people

$299 /mo


For teams larger than 200 people

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